How to Choose the Right Flooring For Your Home

With more flooring options than ever before, it’s very important to know how to choose the right flooring for your home. We’ll discuss where to start and how to make an informed buying decision.

Room Considerations

First, as a homeowner you need to consider the room you’re choosing flooring for. A requirement for all flooring products is a flat sub-floor. The sub-floor doesn’t need to be perfectly level, but within 1/8” over a 6 foot area. You need to check several areas of your floor to ensure there are no high or low spots by using a level. If any low spots are found, they need to be fixed with a floor leveling compound. This can be done yourself, but it’s a good idea to leave this step to professionals.

Kitchen & Bathroom

Next, you should consider if water is going to be a factor. Kitchens, bathrooms, and closets with a water heater are examples of water-centric rooms. Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Tile are great flooring choices for water centric rooms thanks to their waterproof properties. Laminate flooring cores are made with wood particles. Laminate manufacturing and water resistance have improved over time, but it’s still not considered waterproof. Hardwood flooring is also not recommended for kitchens and bathrooms. Water is the arch enemy of hardwoods and buckling can occur if prolonged exposure to moisture occurs.

The Good, Better, Best Model

Today, homeowners have a wide range of flooring options. The multitude of choices can be overwhelming and difficult to understand. When we present flooring choices, we find it useful to divide products into Good, Better, and Best categories.


Laminate flooring is a good option because it does a great job of mimicking hardwood, stone, and ceramic patterns. Another strength of Laminate flooring is its affordability. However, it’s not waterproof and can scratch easier than vinyl flooring products.


Next, Vinyl Plank and Luxury Vinyl Tile also feature stunning patterns that mimic premium materials. The greatest advantage of Vinyl is that it is waterproof. That makes it a great choice for anywhere in the home. Vinyl products are also highly scratch-resistant which makes it perfect for homes with pets. Vinyl flooring products are more expensive than laminate, but the advantages of vinyl make it a very appealing choice.


Finally, Hardwood flooring is a premium product that can’t be overlooked. If maintained well, hardwood flooring can last a lifetime. Hardwood can be refinished, meaning it can be sanded and re-stained to a color of your choice. A refinish can update and refresh the look of a home. Hardwood flooring is the most expensive flooring option, but adds the most value to a home.

Why Legacy Flooring Co.?

At Legacy Flooring Co., we take the time to explain all your flooring options. Our goal is to educate our customers and ensure you know how to choose the right flooring for your home. We have an outstanding selection of Hardwood, Vinyl Plank, and Luxury Vinyl Tile. When you visit our showroom, you’ll find a relaxed and informative sales approach. Give us a call today and find out why Legacy Flooring Co. is the best flooring store in middle Tennessee.

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